When we first started creating websites, over 10 years ago, we did what every web development company does. We built each project from the ground up, arranged for hosting with a specialized provider, launched and handed over the website to the client.

Soon we realized the limitations of the standard model: clients face significant upfront investments, unpredictable ongoing costs for maintenance and upgrades, and are often stuck in blame wars between the developer and the hosting company. There had to be a better way.

Drawing inspiration from the software development industry, where the concept of Software-as-a-Service was becoming popular, we adopted the Website-as-a-Service model. We integrated all the services needed for a successful website in a convenient all-inclusive solution, and offered it for a smaller upfront investment and a fixed monthly fee.

We named this service 4BitClouds™ Web Services. After years of improvements and innovation, that’s exactly what our unique website service is offering you:


Reliable foundation
Your website is built on mature, tried and true software, hosted on our enterprise class servers, and backed by our preventive maintenance program.

iconBenefitsSupportDependable support
Because of our proactive approach, clients rarely need to call on our support, but when they do we provide the best there is. At least that’s what they’re telling us!

iconBenefitsRoiMaximum ROI
Smaller investment, fixed ongoing costs, efficient website management tools, search engine friendly pages for better rankings... It really makes business sense.

iconBenefitsBrandingBranding power
Custom designed by a professional graphic designer specializing in visual brand creation, you can count on your website to send the right message.

iconBenefitsEvolveFreedom to evolve
Your website is engineered for change. Adapting and expanding it to fit your new requirements is cost effective, quick and reliable.

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